My Life in China

Ni Hao!!! Welcome to the Photographic account of my experiences in Asia. Most of the pictures are taken in the city of Dalian which is in North-East China. There is a lot of good stuff posted here-- so go ahead...snoop around!

Friday, June 30, 2006

class photos

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the assistant on our floor (ai Yi)

my sunburt roommate

yamika cooking indian food for me

monk on th train Posted by Picasa

trip to shenyang

grandma and dad

grandma apx 4ft3in and laughs like jabba the hut

mom and dad

mom and her tiny chinese car Posted by Picasa

here me, JiA (korean),Steph (german), and max(german) watch a speech contest

this is heather (korean) one of the smartest people i've ever met

here is the international gardens outside shenyang
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heres a pic of the korean sandwich place

here todd helps out some construction

here are yamikas children who i hang out with sometimes
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Primetime, i'm always thinking about you buddy

the gun is bigger than the kid and i don't see any parents

this is for you shirk, lance in china...USA...USA Posted by Picasa

class photos

South African Classmates

me, my listening teacher, and thomas (german)

me and yang laoshi (my basic chinese teacher)

My listening class Posted by Picasa

Volleyball champions

our team/teachers and classes (the winning team)

laoshi gives me instruction

jiao you! building team spirit

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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Great Wall

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to Beijing!!!

Making friends on the train

Just because its under constructin doesn't mean we can't use our imaginations and admire its beauty

The forbiden city

Tiananmen square with everyones hero (joke) "Mao Zedong" Posted by Picasa

Sing a new Song

Everyone love Americans

Tress everywhere in Nanjing
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